Monday, March 14, 2011

'an i scream... birthday!'

my sweet daughter, dagalicious, (as we call her) is turning 3 in may, and i have been searching for a cute idea for a little party for her. while going through some magazine clippings i discovered an article about an ice cream party - perfect for south florida in may! throw in a slip and slide and some pink lemonade and we are done.

of course i needed to find the perfect invitation, and here it is!

my plan is to set up an ice cream cone station just like this, with all kinds of fun toppings arranged in pretty pink bowls.

and of course you need something slightly healthy so the other mommies aren't horrified by all the junk food. love these fruit filled cones!

the cupcake cone is another easy treat - i remember my mom making these when we were little!

i'm not sure exactly how these flowers fit in - but they are just too adorable not to incorporate. i'm thinking perhaps as centerpieces for the little kiddie tables? aunt beth is bringing over some Cath Kidston oilcloth to make a tablecloth that will go perfectly with our Cath Kidston kiddie china!

and of course we need the perfect favors -- my mom made these recently, but i would need her to fly in to help me make them. she claims they are easy, but i totally don't believe her.

these adorable boxes filled with marshmallow ice cream cones and other sweet treats would be much easier...i'm thinking packaged in a cello bag, tied with grosgrain ribbon and with an ice cream cone sticker?

what do you think? i told dagny she could invite 4 friends....she changes the guest list every 12 minutes! i think i might have to break down and let her add a few more!

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