Tuesday, November 22, 2011

thanksgiving reminders

charlie {5} came home from preschool today with copy of Helpful Hints for Cooking a Turkey, written by his class.  the 11 other kids mentioned where they would buy their turkey, how their mom would rub it with salt and pepper, side dishes they would have and guests that would join them. charlie's quote, however, was "We never had Thanksgiving. It's going to be our first Thanksgiving. There's no Thanksgiving in Florida. I just want to have a peanut butter and jelly".  i read this on the steps of his school, the teeny brick building i had graduated from myself, and cried. in front of all the kids, all the moms, the teachers....everyone. his teacher, who was my own elementary school teacher, hugged me - and i couldn't get the words out to explain why i was crying. of course we have thanksgiving in florida - i have always loved holidays, and try to make a special effort to make a big deal out of them in our house, with special traditions, decorations, books,  treats and big dinners, complete with an adorable kids' table. it wasn't that he didn't seem to remember any of this - but the idea that he has been affected by what has happened with his dad's health this year, that things are different, that we are far from home, that no matter how hard i try to keep things 'normal' for my munchies a small dart of uncertainty, change, and upheaval had snuck past me.  and so....what better way to cheer myself up, than making a special thanksgiving treat with my little turkeys?

double stuff oreos on lollipop sticks, covered in milk chocolate with candy corn feathers, icing eyes, whopper face with the white tip of the candy corn for the beak and a red fruit imperial for the wattle. and pretzel stick legs!

wrapped and ready to be delivered to our most favorite people!

and so, this thanksgiving i am reminded that what is truly important is being together with family and dear friends... not decorations, or carefully arranged holiday tables or perfectly brined turkeys and homemade cranberry chutney served in a vintage pink hobnail bowl - but being with the people who will love you forever and ever, without hesitation, no matter what challenges are thrown into your lap. 

 i am forever thankful for our families, for my dear sweet munchies and for every single beat of my darling husband's heart.

dagny {3} is thankful for: her cousins, her baby sister and big brother, mommy and daddy, chicken and movies.

and charlie's artistic representation of our thanksgiving dinner!

charlie's handmade placecards for grandma jane's table

may your thanksgiving be warm and bright - with those you love most close at hand....

xoxo mary

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